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Nathan Brown

About Me

A keen and passionate problem solver, I enjoy a challenge and diving into uncharted territories... I guess that's why I'm a web developer.

From my early days working with ASP, Access databases, and no CSS, things have changed greatly - and there's something new emerging every single day.

Over the last decade, my work has become more focused around UI development, now specialising in creating front end web apps using modern Javascript frameworks backed by restful api's.

For the last four years I've been lucky enough to work with, a fast growing company in the Southwest of the UK, working as part of the UX team developing a Cloud Management Platform UI for a large international client.

It's been a great experience working with a large, multi-disciplined team in an agile working environment, creating continuous integration workflows to produce a constantly evolving product using Backbone Marionette, Git, Karma, Node, Grunt, Require, Make, Sass, Jenkins and more.

Recently we've had the opportunity to upgrade our codebase to React, giving us the chance to apply all of the deeper understanding of modern SPA/MPA that we've developed into a modern framework.


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